About DEKRA Audit

Ensuring success in the modern world

Our Vision

DEKRA Audit strives to support contemporary entities competing in fast-paced global business environments. We are committed to providing you with recognized management system and personnel certification as well as comprehensive auditing services to ensure the levels of safety, sustainability and quality you need to succeed in competitive markets worldwide. We are proud to hold ourselves to the highest of regulatory and professional standards our customers have come to expect.
With more than 200 accreditations, DEKRA Audit is your trusted partner, qualified to conduct certifications and audits according to international and national regulations as well as house standards. DEKRA Audit consists of 560 in-house experts, 1,200 external industry-experienced auditors and over 500 local partners in more than 50 countries. We stand ready to serve you at any time.

Our Goal

DEKRA Audits aims to provide management system and personnel certifications as well as conduct customized on-site and remote audits and assessments to award our customers the assurance necessary to effectively operate under modern high-speed commercial conditions with confidence.
Our management system certification services help clients improve their corporate organizational processes to facilitate high performance, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and save money. We continue to expand our certification portfolio to include evolving services designed to address the challenges of the transforming digitalized business climate.
In addition to streamlining processes and boosting system performance, our customized auditing and assessment supports our customers in their efforts to reliably evaluate partners throughout the supply chain. Our on-site and remote audits provide the insight decision-makers need to develop effective strategies to achieve the utmost potential.
Because successful companies are founded on capable and proficient staff, we offer recognized independent and accredited certifications of professional qualifications. Our certification requirements assess skills and verify competences to benefit a single employee or strengthen a whole department, ensuring competitive advantage to individual professionals and corporate conglomerates.
We provide comprehensive services from a single source to support our diverse customers around the world with the expertise they need to thrive in ever-changing times and prosper in both established and developing business markets.

Our Promise

Your success is important to us. As an independent and accredited service provider, DEKRA Audit pledges to help you systematically develop and improve the efficiency of your organizational processes, ensure the effectiveness of your entire supply chain, and verify the professional quality of your workforce. We give you our word based on our proven reputation to provide you state-of-the-art services and expertise tailored to your unique needs and individual situation.

Our Commitment to Impartiality, Independence and Integrity

DEKRA Audit has established and maintains a strict impartiality policy founded on independence and integrity. From top management to professional staff, we demand that all employees and external personnel act ethically and impartially to safeguard the long-term interests of our company.
We recognize the importance of acting with impartiality, independence and integrity when evaluating products, certifying management systems, conducting checklist audits, and verifying professional qualifications. We require all internal and external staff to report any known or potential situation that might cause a conflict of interest.
We are vigilant in exposing threats of self-interest, self-review, familiarity and intimidation to protect the stability of our impartiality commitment. Our mandate ensures that the highest standards of integrity are applied to all of our activities worldwide in accordance with international best practice ethics and guidelines.