Szintetikus vizsgálatok

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General information

  • Frequency of the high-current circuit is 50 Hz. The test station is connecting to the Hungarian power network, no generators installed.
  • 60 Hz tests can be made with 50 Hz high-current added injected current with 600 Hz frequency.
  • Due to the construction of the synthetic test circuit the recovery voltage is D.C. voltage.
  • Due to the construction of the synthetic circuit Os, CdOs or Od-0.3s-CdOs operating cycles can be carried out. (Cd is closing operation at the no-load voltage of the high-current circuit; generally 13.8 kV or 9.7 kV, in exceptional cases 16.5 kV)
  • Closing operations at rated voltage is not possible.
  • Two arc prolongation circuits are available for the tests

Additional measurement

  • It is possible to measure the transient pressure of the SF6 gas under interruption or no-load operation.
  • It is possible to determine the arcing voltage (direct measurement with software correction).
  • It is possible to calculate/determine the arc power and energy.

Other test possibilities

It is possible to carry out capacitive current breaking tests in synthetic test circuit up to 245 kV rated voltage. During the capacitive current tests, it is not possible to make C operations at the rated voltage.