Local Empowerment & Involvement

From the very beginning, it was a priority for our employees not only to embrace the values represented by DEKRA, but also to create new ones, which has proved to be a strategy with a forging power. Weekly " Improvement Time" workshops systematise and then implement the ideas of our staff, whether it's about designing the office environment, using new technologies to make everyday life easier or initiatives that nurture community life (team building, sports, crafts, etc.) Successfully implemented and deployed projects include:
  • Our local „intranet” , the GreenBook
  • Local Table-booking system
  • Ergonomic IT assets
  • Our new office
  • Office Bibliotheca
  • Regular team buildings and charity events
In addition to the continuous professional development required by information technology, DEKRA Technology & Services also offers a space for education beyond professional training. In-house language teachers help our colleagues to catch up in English and German, and the "Lunch & Learn" event series, where anyone can share their thoughts with the interested parties during a lunch break, whether it is a work-related topic (projects, innovations) or a private activity (e.g. habit building tips or the science of beer brewing).