Fields of Expertise

Global Integrated IT - GIIT

“Our vision is to become a trusted partner for the business, providing innovative technology and platforms to lead the digital transformation at DEKRA”
With our GIIT Vision, we pay into the overall Vision 2025 of DEKRA. To put it into motion, we focus on the following pillars:
  • ​​​​​​​Develop & integrate platform technologies
  • Embrace a data-driven culture
  • Offer best practices to improve processes,​​​​​​​ products & services and customer experience
Out of the eight GIIT units, five are already represented in our Budapest office – to find out what are they are responsible for and do on a daily basis to lead the digital transformation, you can find it out below.

Global Infrastructure & Operations (GIO)

GIO is the foundation of DEKRA's IT framework, ensuring uninterrupted business delivery by covering key aspects of the IT Infrastructure architecture, such as the service desk, global network & cloud, data center and communication platforms. Diverse functions, roles, and responsibilities as well as services such as processes governance, IT project management, client management, monitoring & automation and comprehensive cyber security ensure that DEKRA's digital agenda can be implemented according to the corporate strategy.

Digital Platforms & Delivery Centers (DPDC)

DPDC aims to enhance the collaboration between end-users and producers to transact with each other. They drive global innovation, efficiency, and digitalization by building and promoting the use of common information technology platforms, components, expertise, and services to power DEKRA`s digital future through an innovative, agile eco-system of re-usable, integrated IT solutions.

Strategy & Governance Communities (SGC)

SGC provides guidance, guidelines and governance in all strategic, technical, security & financial aspects to be followed within Global Integrated IT and all DEKRA units demanding and using IT solutions. All cross GIIT communities' reports to the head of SGC and secures a compliant and global aligned development and operations of global & local IT solutions based on iPLATFORM.

Corporate Functions IT (CF IT)

CF IT has been already marked through international collaboration, global solutions, and platforms for many of our Steering Functions within DEKRA. According to theTOM2020 organization, they designed a clear structure fitting to our business processes within Corporate Functions of DEKRA SE to provide clear communication and responsibility for our customers.
Corporate Functions relies on a joint expertise. The DevOps Teams and the cross departments Planning & Architecture, Customer & Product, Program & Project, Test & Service Management ensure dialog, learning and collaboration within the whole unit.

Business Software – Vehicle Inspection (BIZ SW VI)

BIZ SW Vehicle Inspection is responsible for vehicle inspection solutions worldwide within GIIT. They work very closely together with Service Division VI and the regions to provide the business units with the solutions, they need today and in the future.
They advise and support the business on all aspects of demand management, product management, project management, solution architecture, technology, and applications. They plan, manage, develop or buy, test and support the required solutions.